Happiness lies first of all in health and wellness.

Amy Jo Bulebush

Master Certified Health Coach

Welcome, I will be your guide to finding balance in your health.

I specialize in the areas of nutrition, self-care and energy work for all age groups. My passion is to work with women that are going through midlife changes. As women approach menopause, it is harder to find a healthy and wholesome life balance, manage hormonal weight gain and chronic diseases, all while raising children, taking care of older parents and working a career job. As a health coach, I am able to guide women and their families by coaching my clients to create healthy goals and a healthy balance in their daily routines. Do you have a health goal and need guidance on how to reach it and maintain it through a healthy lifestyle?





What does a health coach do?

A health coach is someone who motivates and inspires clients to make positive changes in their health. Whether you are trying to reduce pain and inflammation, lose weight or prevent disease, a health coach will offer simple, easy solutions that are based on proven science.

Are you ready to enjoy these amazing benefits?

More Energy

Less Stress

Better Sleep

Sharper Thinking

Stronger Body